Attn Rivermill Residents:

Rivermill has formed neighborhood troops for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.    These are multi age troops and each age group will work on age appropriate activities as part of the scout programs.

All troop meetings will be held at the Rivermill Clubhouse/common area


This is a passion of mine to start these Scouting programs in Rivermill because I would like my children to be part of scouts like I was when I was their age.   Also I feel this is way to come together as a community because most of the children in this neighborhood go to many different schools with all the choice options.   I was a girl scout for 12 years and very familiar with the programs to lead up the troops and for every Rivermill child to experience the scouting program.


Rivermill Pack 205​

Cub Scouts - Any Incoming Kindergarten to 5th Grade as of start of school in the Fall - can join now

    The Pack consists on the following Dens

    Kindergarten - Lions

    1st Grade - Tigers

    2nd Grade - Wolf

    3rd Grade - Bear

    4th & 5th Grade - Webelos


Yearly dues to BSA (Feb to Jan) are $40 - Dues to the pack are $10 monthly


Meetings are Wednesdays twice a month more if needed from 6:30-7:30 at the Clubhouse starting meetings back up in August


General information on Cub Scouting is at


Visit our facebook page by clicking on the link below:

Rivermill Pack 205




Girl Scouts Rivermill Troop #24106


All Girls entering Kindergarten to 12th grade as of the beginning of the School Year


Registration is also open over the summer.


Yearly Dues to GSUSA (Oct to Sept) are $40 but there is a special including the summer right now for $55 and troop dues are $10 a month


Meetings for the summer (June-July) are going to be weekly on Tuesdays and when school starts twice a month from 7-8 PM at the clubhouse.


General information on Girl Scouting or sign up is at



Contact info for both the Cub Scout Pack or Girl Scout Troop


If you are interested please call or text 561-766-4198 email @   Your name, address, telephone number,  and how many children in cub scouts and/or girl scouts with grade level in the fall.