Residents Resources

This page is where our residents can get helpful information about our community.  Check here often as we post changes.  Updating information that will help you get the most out of your neighborhood.

​If you cannot get the answer you seek, send us your questions.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.  Please be sure to include your email address, phone number and your lot # so that we may get back to you promptly. Send your questions to 


Please do not allow your children to play around the lake without adult supervision.  Dangerous conditions may exist and the threat of alligators is a concern.

Please do not allow your children to play in the streets of Rivermill.  We have a large park and playground.  Please do not place cones or other devices designed to slow traffic.  This is not allowed and is unsafe for your children.  Rivermill Security officers are authorized to remove any attempts to block the roads for any reason.  The safety of your children is top priority.  Remember, our streets are for vehicles and not a playground. 


Please Slow Down

Please be advised that the speed limit on all Rivermill streets is 20mph.  Please slow down for safety of our residents and children.  Speed bumps have been installed to help control the speeders in the community.  Please DO NOT GO AROUND BUMPS AND INTO GRASS. 

Fines will be levied on those who damage grass or property by going around speed bumps.

Home Alarm Monitoring Included

Monitoring of your Home alarm is included with you HOA dues.  Contact the Monitoring center for more information.


Safety alert for homeowners with alarm systems

Please check your power supply for your alarm systems for signs of discoloration.  A power supply similar the the picture will be plugged into the electrical outlet near the alarm panel.  Most are located in the laundry room of the home.  If there is any discoloration of the supply (dark area/burnt look)  replace the unit to avoid a possible fire hazard.  A resident in Rivermill experienced small fire recently. Contact The Monitoring Center for assistance.

Picture is a representation of a power supply.  Yours may be different.

Rivermill has started Boy and Girl Scout troops

If you have children interested in joining the Boy/Cub Scouts and/or Girl Scouts, please contact us at rmhoa@rivermillcommunity.   We are now holding meetings at the clubhouse.

More information


Invasive Fish in our lakes

If you fish in one of our 3 lakes then be on the watch out for a fish like this called an Orange Striped Mayan Cichlid(left picture) and Snake Head Fish (right picture).  DO NOT PUT IT BACK IN THE LAKE.  Dispose of this invasive fish that is harming the bass and other native fish in the lake. 


Rivermill's bulk services from Xfinity

Rivermill has signed a bulk cable/internet deal with Xfinity.   The X1 system including HDDVR, 1 HD box, 100m internet and Xfinity modem are included in your HOA Dues for no extra cost. Please see the package listed below.  If you haven't taken advantage of the included bulk package contact Xfinity/Comcast to arrange installation.  No special wiring should be needed to install the entire system. 

Extra tv channels, home phone,additional HD boxes and other upgrades available from Xfinity at additional cost.

Xfinity bulk package


If you are new to Rivermill community then here are your options.  You can visit the Xfinity office near us at ...

2815 SR 7 Suite 300, Wellington, FL 33414. 

Hours are Monday - Saturday 8:00am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

or Call (800) COMCAST for more information. 

You will be required to bring a VALID PICTURE ID OR DRIVER'S LICENSE to the Xfinity office for positive ID.

If you are a renter in our community you will need to visit the Xfinity offices......NOT THE HOMEOWNER .....for issuance of the equipment with proof of authorized lease.

Community Architectural Information

The Rivermill Community is bound by a strict architectural code.  Single Family Homes in our community must adhere to our paint, roof tile, landscape, structures and fencing requirements.  Changes to your homes must be approved by the Board of Directors and the Arch committee BEFORE changes are made. 

Fines and forced changes could result from not getting approval before work is done.

The Rivermill Community Documents are the guidelines for the community.  The Rivermill Board has also set community standards that help clarify issues not covered directly by the HOA Documents.  You can find the Rivermill governing document and the community standards below. Select the Architectural button for more detailed information. Rivermill Hoa Board of Directors has developed a community standards document to help you answer commonly asked questions.  if you have any questions please contact us.

HOA Board of Directors

The Rivermill Master Association Board of directors and the Country Glen Board of directors are committed to making our community better with high standards of maintenance and upkeep of our common areas and amenities and we expect our residents to uphold these standards as well.  Each board of directors is tasked with preservation and enhancement of property values  Our boards are made up of elected volunteers from with our community.  They will oversee all aspects of our community.   Numerous committee's have been put in place to assist our boards.  

The rules and regulations assist in maintaining the aesthetic beauty and tranquility of the community and preserve your property values.  These rules are included in your Rivermill Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, were furnished to you by your selling agent upon the signing of your Purchase Agreement.  If you do not have a copy of the Documents and bylaws, simply click on your community below  where you can download a PDF version or contact us and we will provide a copy to you immediately.  These documents should be referred to as your guide to the Rivermill community.  Your cooperation is necessary in order to keep the community maintained and up to the quality you expected when you purchased your residence.


The Rivermill Board meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month at our clubhouse at 7:30pm.  Please come and see our community leaders at work and help us by volunteering for a committee or an event.

Rivermill Board 2021
President                 Heidi Thoms
Secretary                 Joy Bartmon
Treasurer                Tim Millar
Director                  Abel Ruiz
Director                  Michael Reimer

Country Glen Board 2021
President                 Adam Osowsky
Secretary                Joy Bartmon
Director                 Aubrie Rose

Area Schools


School Address : 7685 S MILITARY TRAIL, LAKE WORTH, 33463

Phone 561-969-5900

Date Opened - 2005

School District 3

SAC Number - 230D


Tradewinds Middle School

School Address: 5600 S HAVERHILL RD LAKE WORTH 33463

Phone: 561-304-4200

Date Opened - 2004

School District - 3

SAC Number - 230D


Santaluces high School

School Address: 6880 LAWRENCE RD, LANTANA, fl 33462

Phone:  561-642-6200

Date Opened - 1981

School District - 4

SAC Number - 230D


Residential Curbside Garbage Collection

Normal trash days are Monday and Thursday.

Bulk garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup has changed to Mondays.

Place your new 95 gallon cans on the concrete swale of the roadway with the arrows on top of the lid facing toward the road.  No other trash will be picked up unless in the new can.  Failure to place can properly will result in trash not picked up.  Visit for more info.

Palm Beach County has gone Automated. Every residential curbside customer has received a new 95 gallon can that will be serviced by specialized trucks equipped with can tipping equipment.  Some things you may wish to know about the cans:

  • All garbage must be placed inside the cart to be collected. 

  • Garbage collection will be provided two (2) days a week.

  • Customers will receive a 95 gallon can.

  • Some residents may find they need a second can. Those residents will be able to purchase a second can at a one-time cost of $65. The resident will not incur any additional collection or disposal charges and the hauler will be fully responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the can.

Bulk Service will be provided one day per week and limited to no more than three (3) items.

  • Bulk items include appliances, furniture and any other large household items that do not fit in your cart.

  • Bulk service will be provided on one (1) of your regular collection days.

  • Some residents may have more than three (3) items. Contact SWA Customer Service at 561-697-2700 for an estimate to have the additional items removed. 

Debris from minor home repairs, called construction and demolition debris or C&D, will be limited to two (2) cubic yards per week.

  • C&D will be collected on your scheduled bulk service day.

  • C&D must be contained in cans or plastic bags weighing less than fifty (50) pounds.

  • Containerized C&D material exceeding two (2) cubic yards will be tagged and not removed.

For additional information, contact Customer Service at 561-697-2700.