New Stuff

New Cameras added at front Gates

due to recent acts of vandalism at the front gate call box, the rivermill board has installed new cameras to record both video and audio of all call box transactions.  please note that any vandalism to the gates by visitors will result in the arrest and prosecution to the full extent of the law.  owners that have visitors coming to the gate have the responsibility to inform their guests how to use the gate entry system   please review operation procedures and be aware that the cost of replacement of the touch screen entry system is approximately $4000.00.  Residents can be held responsible for the cost of replacement if your visitor causes damage to the call box screen.  Do not use the "Entry Code (pin)" option.  Always choose "find a name"  then "i have a directory code", enter your lot number code without the #.  wait for resident to answer. We are working to tweek the system for maximum efficiency.


​Entry Code (Pin) option is for emergency vehicles only


when a guest arrives at the gate they need to push the phone call button.  then they have a choice of.....

  1. find a name:   This option allows searching for the resident name and then the option of call to contact the resident for access

  2. have a directory code: This option is for guests who already know your code to call for access.   the # is no longer needed. simply put in the 4 digit code and push CALL

  3. Security: use this button to contact a security officer for assistance with entry.  Security will not let you into the community unless previously contacted from the resident.

  4. when resident answers the phone, push the 9 button only 1 time.  multiple pushes will cause the gate to stay open longer.  allowing the opportunity for others to tailgate in the community.


Please tell your guests these simple changes to make entering the community safe and keep the gates clear for all guests.

New Residential Curbside Garbage Collection has begun

Normal trash days are Monday and Thursday.

Bulk garbage, recycling and yard waste pickup has changed to Mondays.

Place your new 95 gallon cans on the concrete swale of the roadway with the arrows on top of the lid facing toward the road.  No other trash will be picked up unless in the new can.  Failure to place can properly will result in trash not picked up.  Visit for more info.

Palm Beach County has gone Automated. Every residential curbside customer has received a new 95 gallon can that will be serviced by specialized trucks equipped with can tipping equipment.  Some things you may wish to know about the cans:

  • All garbage must be placed inside the cart to be collected. 

  • Garbage collection will be provided two (2) days a week.

  • Customers will receive a 95 gallon can.

  • Some residents may find they need a second can. Those residents will be able to purchase a second can at a one-time cost of $65. The resident will not incur any additional collection or disposal charges and the hauler will be fully responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the can.

Bulk Service will be provided one day per week and limited to no more than three (3) items.

  • Bulk items include appliances, furniture and any other large household items that do not fit in your cart.

  • Bulk service will be provided on one (1) of your regular collection days.

  • Some residents may have more than three (3) items. Contact SWA Customer Service at 561-697-2700 for an estimate to have the additional items removed. 

Debris from minor home repairs, called construction and demolition debris or C&D, will be limited to two (2) cubic yards per week.

  • C&D will be collected on your scheduled bulk service day.

  • C&D must be contained in cans or plastic bags weighing less than fifty (50) pounds.

  • Containerized C&D material exceeding two (2) cubic yards will be tagged and not removed.

For additional information, contact Customer Service at 561-697-2700.



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Property Manager 561-408-2512

Rivermill is located just west of Haverhill Road on Hypoluxo Rd.