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New Alert System for community

Rivermill has retained the services of a new community alert system.  As of January 1st 2021 the mcalert system has een removed.  To sign up for the new system to continue to receive the latest information for the community you must follow the directions listed in the links below.  If you have any problems please contact us at;

Dear Homeowners and Residents of Rivermill (including Country Glen):

We are moving to a new communication system to give you alerts and community

information. McAlert will be gone as of January 1.

Everyone should register with the new system. Owners, tenants, residents, included.

Please follow the directions below.    It is a quick process.   

This new system will use emails as the primary communication. Your email address

is your login. Please use an email address that you check regularly. Texts will be very

limited.    For urgent messages, texts will be used together with emails as an

additional means of communication.   

To register for new neighborhood alerts:

Go to: (no www before it)

Login/Register in upper Right Corner. Once you get to the form enter the following:

-I am…. (Everyone put I am a homeowner. That is the only option.)

-First name, Last name

-Email address (be sure it’s an address you see regularly)

-Cell phone    (if you want to receive texts).

-Password to create Login


If you would like additional members in your household to receive alerts you can

add as many members as you want, as follows:

-Click on “add additional member”

-Then This member is Joint Member

-Email and/or Cell phone


-Then add address:    Select “this address is inside the community”

-Click Register

If you have any issues please email

Thanks for your cooperation.

Rivermill Board of Directors